Frequently asked questions and help

Please read the entire pattern before starting, many problems knitters encounter can be solved by doing this. Take time to read through the abbreviations, as these can differ between designers. UK and US terminology and needle size also differ, but a good glossary will have both terms.

The pattern generally will not teach you the knitting basics, you need to ensure you have the correct tools available to you. I would advise all knitters to have a well written knitting technique and glossary book available.

Question: You are based in New Zealand but your prices are in $ US why is that?

Answer: I have a number of different sites selling my patterns, some of these do not offer the ability to list in different currencies, so I use $US as standard. G.S.T is charged only to NZ residents, and will appear on your receipt.

Question: I think I found an error in a pattern, what do I do?

Answer: All of my patterns are professionally tech edited, but sometimes mistakes do sneak through. If you think you have found a mistake please check the errata page first. If the error is not listed please send me the details of the problem through the contact form.

Question: Why do you suggest circular needles even when the garment is knitted flat? I don’t want to accidentally knit a tube!

Answer: Circular needles have so many advantages over straight needles, for start you can be sure you are always using the correct sized needles and you can’t lose a needle as they are joined. Many of my cardigans are knitted in one piece to the underarms, this is a lot of knitting to carry on a straight needle, the weight is better distributed with a circular needle.

You will not knit a tube unless you want to. For flat knitting when you have worked a row just turn your work as you would with straight needles, and work the next row, simple!

Question: The yarn you recommend is not available where I live, I don’t want to buy online, what can I do?

Answer: Check the yarn information on the pattern, it will tell you how many metres (yards) you get to a number of grams (ounces). Take this information to your yarn store and look for yarn which is a similar make up to substitute. has a good yarn database where you can check the make up of a yarn if you are unsure.

Question: My short rows still have bumps, what can I do?

Answer: I have some links to videos for other short row methods on my help pages. In my patterns I have given the “easiest” method, but there are lots of other good methods out there. Try googling “Japanese” or “yarnover” short rows.

Aviatrix and Poppy

Please check my Ravelry group before emailing me with questions about Aviatrix and Poppy, as most questions have been asked and answered there.