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I have a picture gallery here, so that you can see my latest  and most popular designs, however maintaining a website with over 60 pages of designs takes too much time away from designing, so my new website will not have every single pattern listed. The links below will take you to your preferred knitting pattern provider. Just Jussi knitting patterns are available as digital downloads, you purchase them, then an email link is sent to you (usually instantaneously) and you can upload your pattern. All of the sites I work with use Paypal to process payments, this works well for everyone involved as your credit card details are kept secure.


The best known knitting website on the internet, Ravelry boasts over 4 million users, thousands of designers and hundreds of thousands of patterns. Ravelry members (membership is free, but the website is semi-closed to maintain member’s privacy) enjoy their own notebook pages, for adding projects, yarn, needles etc, a library to store purchased patterns and enable any updates automatically and access to chat forums where you can get answers to any questions you have about knitting, patterns or anything else.

Ravelry hosts my entire pattern collection, including e-books, and it where my new designs are first available. Ravelry is incredibly safe and functions very well. Here is a link to my designer page, where you will find my patterns comprehensively listed with all of the information you need before purchasing (size, yarn, special techniques etc). I also have a fan group on Ravelry, where either myself or other friendly knitters can answer any questions you have.

Just Jussi on Ravelry


Many of my patterns are hosted on Craftsy, so if you are a member there it may be more convenient for you to purchase my patterns there. If you find one of my patterns that you like, which isn’t yet listed there feel free to email me or leave a note on my Facebook page.

Crafts gives you a personal projects page and has really good video classes to help you learn more about knitting.

Just Jussi on Craftsy



If you are a Patternfish member you can download some of my patterns from their lovely site.

Just Jussi on Patternfish.


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LoveKnitting is a new site for me. When the European Union decided (in their infinite wisdom) to make vendors from foreign countries collect VAT on their behalf (known as the VATmess), Ravelry and LoveKnitting worked together to provide designers with help collecting and paying the VAT. All of my designs (excluding e-books) were uploaded to LoveKnitting. Unfortunately the upload has a few holes, so patterns were categorised incorrectly, or information is missing (the pattern downloads are fine!), so i am slowly working my way through them. I like having my patterns hosted there and I know a lot of knitters enjoy the site, just be aware that it will take me a while to get the pattern pages nicely tidied up.

Just Jussi on LoveKnitting

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